The one who attends the sick attends on me - Lord Buddha.
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First a Basic Introduction.

Floor Plan

A place to live in and care needed has become a distant dream for many elders in the Sri Lankan society. Another serious issue unseen is the lack of a place for patients with serious illnesses visiting Colombo to spend a short period during their treatments. The chief incumbent ofKethumathie Viharaya, Madiwela, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte,Prof. Venerable Naimbala Dhammadassi Thero, has initiated a project to care for elders and providea transit home for patients and an accompanying family member to lodge for a short period during treatments. A land in Horana area close to Colombo is already obtained to conduct these activities. It is situated away from the busy area of the city in a quiet and peaceful environment. Through the activities of the ‘Senehasa’Social Welfare and Social Care Project it is expected to address two crucial issues faced by the most vulnerable groups in the society. The project within its scope will support any citizen of Sri Lanka irrespective of their ethnicity, castor religion.


There are two main objectives of this project.

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Assist Helpless Elders

Assist the otherwise helpless elders to spent the twilight of their life decently and in a peaceful manner by providing a place to live in and care for them.

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Assist Helpless Patients

Ease the agony of patients with serious illnesses also burdened with finding a place to live whist in Colombo for short periods during medications by providing residential facilities to the patient and accompanying relatives.


Here are few Landmarks we have achieved so far.

  • March 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We aquired the land which is a five acre state land in the close proximity to Horana town is obtained on long term lease for the purpose.

  • May 2017

    Cleaning the land

    The full land was cleaned using a JCB.

  • December 2017

    Plan of the Building passed

    Plans are already drawn to construct a two storied building with all facilities in extent of 19,130 Sq. ft.

  • Jan 2018

    Foundation Stone Planting Ceromony.

    Foundation stone planting ceromony was held on January 2018.

Implementation modality

The buildings constructed for the purpose will have three categories of occupants.

  • Elders abandoned by the children, without support and a place to live in.
  • Elders who could afford or being supported by children to live in by paying a nominal fee.
  • Patients with serious illnesses coming to the city for treatment and relatives to live in temporarily.
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Estimated costs

Rough Estimate of our project.

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  • Total estimated cost of the project is expected to be around LKR 140.0 million. It is envisaged to carry out the project in two stages depending on the availability of funds.
  • Number of International / national organizations, philanthropists, benevolent individuals have offered to support the project financially, in kind and service.
  • Once the project is completed it could accommodate 100 inmates at the elder’s home; 100 patients and accompanying family members at the transit home.


Donate some money to make this happen.

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